Friday, July 19, 2019

We hope you had as much fun as we did! 
We hope to see you next summer!

ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
September 19 - 22, 2018 in Orlando, Florida 

The goal of the Tapia Conferences is to bring together undergraduate and graduate
 students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing from all backgrounds
 and ethnicities to:

Celebrate the diversity that exists in computing;

Connect with others with common backgrounds, ethnicities, disabilities, 
and gender so as to create communities that extend beyond the conference;

Obtain advice from and make contacts with computing leaders in 
academia and industry; 

Be inspired by great presentations and conversations with leaders with
 common backgrounds


Grace Hopper Celebration

September 26-28, 2018 in Houston, Texas 

The Grace Hopper Celebration is the world's largest gathering of women technologists. 
It is produced by and presented in partnership with ACM. 


October 17-22, 2018 in Pasadena, California
The nation’s most prestigious stage for honoring excellence, building and reinforcing 
networks, the HENAAC Conference is the place where top executives, innovative 
professionals, and the brightest STEM students convene.

Attending career fairs an NMSU is also a great way to network! You can find the 
calendar at


1. NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) provides a long-term community for 
female technologists, from K-12 through higher education and beyond [...] The 
NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing honors young women at the high-school
 level for their computing-related achievements and interests. 
1. Win Prizes
2. Attend a celebration held in your honor
3. Become a part of the Southern New Mexico women in tech community 
4. Recieve funding the host your own after-school program
5. Get access to exclusive scholarship and internship information

Applications open September 1st. To learn more, visit
***You have already answered all the essay questions in your portfolio***

2. YWiC hosts an after-school program during the fall and spring semesters. 
Be on the lookout for more information about meeting times and 
dates on our website

3. Interested in studying CS at NMSU? Check out the department website at


Did you know? There are a lot of national holidays today – and some of them are 
definitely weirder than others! Here are three of the coolest holidays that are going 
on today!

1 - National Stick Out Your Tongue Day

Yes. Yes, this is a thing. Today is the day we celebrate that wonderful, hidden tongue
 of ours by sticking it out at people and showing it off to the world! In most countries - like
 ours - this gesture can be considered quite rude, but there are a few different ones. For
 example, in Tibet, sticking out your tongue at someone is considered a polite greeting. 
So let’s all greet people in the Tibetan way by sticking out our tongues today!

2 - National New Friends Day

Friends are a way to enrich our lives and help us learn and understand different points
 of view about the world. Let’s all take some time to appreciate the awesome new friends
 we made at this camp and the new things they’ve taught us. Friendship rocks!

3 - National Air Conditioner Appreciation Days

Now, since we’re in the middle of July and the sweltering desert heat, I think it’s a great
 time to celebrate this underappreciated holiday. Starting on July 3rd and continuing for 44
 days afterwards, we appreciate our wonderful air conditioners that keep us from keeling
 over. Let’s soak in the cool air we’ve been given and really enjoy that magical comfort
 in the middle of summer!

************************END OF THE DAY************************