Friday, July 21, 2017

Bitter Sweet Friday

What an week! 

You have learned about Computer Science

You have learned to program

You have learned to use algorithms, variables, booleans, comparators, if-else statements, branching, loops, iteration, objects, arrays, and functions.... OH MY!

You have used several different platforms including Arduino, NetLogo, Scratch and Mindstorms.

You have used many different languages including Block Based Programming and C. 

You have completed robotic builds, including BoeBots and Lego EV3. 

In just two weeks, you have explored many aspects of Computer Science, and we hope that you will continue to grow. 


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Please copy and paste these questions into your blog/portfolio and answer them as BEST you can.

1. Provide an overview of your project/artifact. (For example: I designed a video game using Scratch programming where the player, or snowman, has to catch 5 snowflakes and avoid the flying flames.)

2. What were the important learning targets of this project/artifact? (What were the requirements for the project?)

3. What were the computer science concepts used for this project/artifact? (Variables, loops, conditional statements, functions, lists/arrays, methods, etc.)       

4. What were the computational thinking principles used for this project/artifact? (Abstraction, algorithms, correctness, efficiency, iteration or loop statements, variables, etc.)

5. How does this project/artifact relate to the “real” world? What did you learn or use that will help you outside the classroom?

6. In this project/artifact, what did you particularly want others to notice?

7. What would you improve if you could do this over again?

8. Does this project/artifact reflect the effort you put into it? Why or why not?